8 Aralık 2007 Cumartesi

dear mr.

Dear Mr.
I'm writing you from a box. I manage to open a tiny little hole to the box... to the corner of it. It makes me happy to see that there is something outside this box, ı'm sure there is something because there is light. And as things passes a black shape blocks the light and the light comes into my box again. I don't know the date, it is highly possible that we are living in 21st century. How do ı know??? It's easy Mr. From my box I hear people breathing and typing...They use some sort of a typewriter...it is quieter but the sorrow of the people typing are more profound. I sense the anger even from here...

Mr. you must be wondering, and ı honestly respect your reasons for wondering, why I am writing to you. The reason why...? Firts of all I have my humble doubts about living in or out of this box. This box is in a room which is enlighted via flourescent lamps and the room is in a building which has a big and bold logo on the facade and the building is in a city which is screaming out that there is no place for even one more person and the city is in a country which is witnessing an unbearable ignorance era and the country is in a world which is suffering from consuming and that world is in a universe the truth of which nobody knows... SO as a person who is living IN the box I would like to ask you whether you recommend getting OUT or staying IN... I need some air and more light but on the other hand this place is some kind of fun for me. Do you think that the first box - in which I live - and the last step - the universe- are the same??? Can a box be a universe for someone??? I really can't decide Mr. and that bothers me....

So Mr. would you mind telling me about the OUT-SIDE??? What does OUT-SIDE looks like? Does it smell as this dusty little box? Or are there beatiful scents bearing the freshness of open minds...Or is it rotten as the people who puts me in this tiny box? - You know ı'm not sure whether it is them or me myself that puts me in this box tough...

I'm looking forward to hear from you.. Write me Mr... will you???

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