29 Eylül 2009 Salı

just do it

This morning ı woke up with this particular certainty in my mind. Hmmm, it is interesting to feel adamant on doing it at last. I climbed out of the bed, ooh my comfortable cozy bed, I took a shower, one of a kind which removes the dust masking your soul and peels the pain on your face. I felt the hasty movements of the water drops running down, giving my hands the wrinkles. Anyway, as every pleasure bestowed to us, my concern-free shower had to end. I leave the bathroom through the door together with the vapors of fresh toughts.

I knew what to wear from the moment ı woke up, always a classic: Jeans, a blouse, not-so-high heels; black for sure, black jacket... for accesorises ı put my beloved pearl ear-rings and grabbed a black hand bag. So here I am, ready to be what ı really am....


What was she thinking?

What was she going to do??

Who she really is???

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