3 Ocak 2008 Perşembe

Ice Cold Beer Sold Here

I was driving my car
Recklessly down the road,
Thinking about all the shit we used to share...
From the night we shivered in the garden
To that Sunday we talked about Macy Gray.
Then I saw the neon sign saying "Ice Cold Beer Sold Here"

So I slow down the car and turn left
My toughts scatter with the harsh brake
I feel my veins are hunger for a glass of beer
So I stop the engine under the neon sign saying "Ice Cold Beer Sold Here"

The place was dark and the music was blue...
My face was in agony - you know of course just because of you
I cleared my throat and shout out loud
Hey, does the neon sign tells us the truth???

That sound of mine lingered in the air
Became a wave and suspended in my ear
"Yes" said the barmen with an irritating manner
"Ice Cold Beer is Sold Here"

I ordered one and started to wait
The eyes were on me which made me sweat
Just fuck my luck that brought me here
while all I want is a glass of ıce cold beer..

I had my drink hastily and left the place
Drove the car fast so that I can remove my make up and watch Amazing Grace...

Never visited that place ever since that night
Keeping the horrible stares in my mind...
Now I'm happy with my Belvedere bottle,
As it makes me sleep before I and the thought of you battle.


Written by - fsa -

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